Hi! I’m Lorraine, The HR Career Coach.

I’m FCIPD qualified and a licensed Career Coach and Mentor, here to help you take back control of your career and find work you love. 

Before becoming a coach, I enjoyed a fabulous 30-year career in HR. It means I know your world, your challenges, and your fears.

Within HR, we’re guilty of giving so much to others at the expense of our own development and even our health and wellbeing.

In 2021, working as an HR Director, I lost myself. I became overwhelmed and eventually burnt out. I had to press my own pause button and it took 10 months of self-reflection and recovery before I was ready to move on. At age 57, I successfully pivoted to find work I love – supporting HR professionals to do just what I did and make that change. (Read the full story HERE)

After living in many different locations, I’ve returned to live in my hometown Ayr in the West of Scotland with my husband and cats. My new career gives me the freedom and flexibility to spend time with friends and family and indulge my passion for travel. And you can do the same.

You want to be that person who loves their job and brings their authentic self to the workplace. You’re done wearing the corporate mask and pretending everything’s ‘fine’. And, most importantly, now you’re here – congratulations!

My mission is to help you get clear on who you are and what you’re great at, so you build the confidence to go out there and secure the job or career you know you deserve and that gives you the life you crave.

It does take work and commitment. Coaching isn’t a magic wand and you do have to be prepared to be stretched and at times challenged. I won’t lie, making big changes and navigating a career change can be tough. 

If you’re ready to make the change, take action and take personal responsibility, I’m in your corner guiding and supporting you along your journey. I’ll make sure to keep you accountable, help you focus on your self-care, and ensure we have some fun along the way. 

It can be difficult navigating your HR career, wondering if you’re making the right decisions, feeling like an imposter and letting fear keep you stuck. I know – I’ve climbed the HR career ladder from administrator to director across all different sectors. I’ve been a generalist, a specialist and worked internationally. My role is to help you get unstuck and become crystal clear about your future career. 

When you work with me, you’ll open doors you thought were closed, or look through the window to see what possibilities lie behind.

So, let’s find out which door you’re ready to walk through