Does Career Coaching Work?

Does Career Coaching Work?

A question I am often asked is: Does Career Coaching Work?

This is often by HR and People professionals who are at a career crossroads, feeling a bit lost, lacking in confidence and wondering where their mojo disappeared to. Deep inside they know there must be a better place than where they are now?
They want to make that change, but fear keeps holding them back.
They want to know if career coaching can help them take that first step and navigate their way to career success and happiness?

If you are wondering, does coaching really make a difference to someone's career journey and their life outside of work, then let me share a recent success story from one of my clients who just completed my 12-week Gain Career Clarity programme.
It's a story that illustrates the transformative power of career coaching and why you might just want to consider it as a life changing investment, to help you take back control of your career and life.

Imagine this: my client Pauline (name changed) came to me after enduring a toxic HR work environment, feeling lost, lacking confidence, and standing at a mid-life career crossroads.

She was grappling with self-doubt, unsure of her worth, and seeking direction in a few different areas of her life.
Fast forward to the end of our coaching journey, and the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable.
✨ Increased Confidence: One of the first things she shared during our final session was her newfound confidence. She no longer second-guessed herself but approached challenges with self-assurance.
✨ Clarity on Strengths: Coaching helped her identify her strengths and talents, allowing her to harness them effectively in her CV, LinkedIn profile and at interview.
✨ Recognising Her Value: Once clear on her values, skills and motivators, she began to understand the true value she brought to the table and became more aware of her unique contributions.
✨ Optimism for the Future: Instead of dwelling on past setbacks, she now looked ahead with optimism, ready to explore new opportunities.
✨ Embracing a Can-Do Attitude: With the right guidance, she adopted a 'can-do' attitude, believing in her ability to tackle any challenge that came her way.
✨ Unapologetic Decision-Making: Perhaps most importantly, she stopped apologising for her decisions and trusted herself to make the right choices for her career and in her life.

Not only did she feel better within herself, but others also noticed the positive change. Friends, family and ex-colleagues, remarked that she had her sparkle back – a testament to the remarkable transformation she underwent.

She took up hobbies she had previously no time or inclination for, she conquered her fear of water and started adult swimming lessons, she focused on self- care and took time to smell the flowers.  She even felt confident enough to start dating again.
So, what made this transformation possible?

It wasn't some magic wand I was able to wave. Pauline had reached a place where she was ready and committed to do the work to take back control and make big changes.

Pauline found out who she really was, and what was stopping her achieve her dreams and ambitions.  She reconnected with her strengths and skills to appreciate her worth.  She became clear on her values and what no longer served her.  Once we did this foundation work, we then explored career options and once crystal clear on her direction, we put a plan in place to help her reach that bright new future.
Pauline was able to renew her belief in her own worth. She had all the answers within her; coaching simply provided the key to unlock her potential.

Working with her was an absolute pleasure. I loved her willingness to actively engage in all aspects of the coaching process. This is key to making it work. We had fun along the way, and she was open to challenge and accountability.  I have no doubt that she will go from strength to strength in her career and her life in general.
If you're an HR/People professional reading this, who is eager and committed to embark on your own transformative journey of self-discovery and career growth, career coaching might just be the key to helping you move from surviving to thriving. 💜

Ready to get started on your own coaching journey, I am here to help you. Let's have a chat. Book a no-obligation 30-minute call using the link below. We can discuss your career goals and the challenges you are facing and see if we are the right fit to work together to help you wake up happy on a Monday, in a role your love.

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