Are you ready to take a Chance on Change?

Are you ready to take a Chance on Change?

What Fear is stopping you make the Change?

In a recent LinkedIn poll, I asked: ‘What is the biggest fear holding you back if you are ready to make a move in your HR career?’ Fear of making a wrong move was the outright winner.

Before we talk about managing this fear let’s have a look at what other factors might be behind it.

I made some significant moves in my HR career. From generalist to specialist, from sector to sector, standalone to management, moving countries and my latest, a complete pivot from corporate to self-employment.

I was really excited to make all of these moves; they were great opportunities.... but I also remember being gripped by fears at the same time.
What were some of these underlying fears?

😨Fear of losing my identity – it took me 6 months to stop describing myself as an HR Director and use the title Coach.
😨Fear I wouldn’t fit in – how do I go from, work hard play hard, start up blue chip to a rigid process of committees in the public sector
😨Fear I wouldn’t know what I was doing – help I have never managed a team before.
😨Fear of not being the ‘expert’ anymore – I will have so much to learn
😨Fear of leaving my great colleagues and a life I’ve invested so much in – what if my new workplace doesn’t live up.
😨Fear I wouldn’t enjoy my new role – it’s something so new, I might have made a mistake

Do you recognise any of these fears?
Are they some of the fears that are keeping you stuck?
But what is the price?

Is it not equally scary to look back with regret that you stayed in a job or organisation that is not serving you, because you were too afraid to change.
I know that the in between stage is frustrating and tiring as you weigh up the pros and cons. Do I stay or do I go? But it is also a sign that you've reached a tipping point. Those feelings of misalignment are your radar that you need to find alignment.

Is it time to take a chance on change?

Fear exists to keep us safe, but it can also be a guide for knowing what really matters.

It really can help with navigating that career change. It means these things are important to you, they matter.

These are the things you need to find out about when you are researching, applying and interviewing for you new role.

Let fear be your ally, while you seek what you really want.

If you feel trapped by fear, try using it to steer your own course.
1.   Name your fear: What are you afraid of, specifically? Write it down – give it a voice. Look for the fear under the fear: the most obvious, surface-level fear is usually the result of something more deep-rooted.
2.   Articulate your commitment: What's the deep, important desire that your fear is attached to? What vision or dream could your fear be trying to protect?
3.   Imagine your fear is actually simply vigilance: What actions could you take to proceed safely toward your goal, while protecting what you're committed to? How could you honour your fear and your commitment at the same time?
4.   Stay present: You're not in danger right now. If you're feeling fearful, take a look around you. You're ok. And chances are, the next action to take isn't dangerous either. Take one step at a time toward your goal. Listen to your fear, and to your vision, and let them guide your next small action. Bit by bit, you'll get there.
What are you afraid of when you think about your career change? And how could you use that fear to guide your next steps?

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