Are you ready to make a career change?

Do you feel lost at a career crossroad?
Are you overwhelmed or unfulfilled?
Are you ready for your next promotion?

Or maybe you are returning after a career break or out of work, through no fault of your own.

There can be many reasons driving you toward a new job or career, and deep down, you know you’re ready.

Then, sometimes the fear of change creeps in, creating a lonely and scary place.

But yet you recognise the need to take that brave first step.

You want a career with purpose, a life with balance, and to feel valued and respected.

If you’re ready to make the career change you know you want and deserve.

The GAIN CAREER CLARITY coaching program is here to guide you through your journey.

You’ll focus on 4 steps so you can RISE up and create your bright new future.

Step 1: REVEAL the real you

This is your foundation step, where you delve deep to rediscover your core values, skills, and strengths. You’ll explore what truly motivates you and brings joy in your career. This will uncover what makes you unique, helping you gain clarity on your career purpose.

Step 2: IGNITE your confidence

We focus on building your self-confidence and finding your courage. Addressing any limiting beliefs or self-doubt that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. You’ll get tools and techniques to silence your inner critic and feel confident in your abilities, ready to take bold action.

Step 3: SHAPE your vision of success

With newfound clarity and confidence, the focus shifts to creating a compelling vision for your future career. You’ll explore possibilities and opportunities aligned with your values, strengths, and skills to shape your version of success.

Step 4: ELEVATE to your full potential

Finally, we solidify your commitment to your career journey by ensuring you have all the practical support you need. We craft your amazing CV, optimise your LinkedIn profile, map out your key contacts for effective networking and practice interview skills.

Imagine finally having the clarity, courage and confidence to go after something you thought was out of your reach.

How is it delivered?

An onboarding call

An onboarding call to set out how we will work together and when.

7 Coaching Sessions

7 x 60 min Coaching Sessions delivered via Zoom

Interview Practice Session

1 x 90 min Interview Practice Session delivered via Zoom

Pre-programme materials

Pre-programme information and all materials

Range of resources

Access to an extensive range of resources to support your job search

Additional support

WhatsApp and email support, during working hours

(payment plans available)

Lorraine in a dark shirt sitting at a desk.

Meet The HR Career Coach

Before becoming a coach, I enjoyed a fabulous 30-year career in HR. It means I know your world, your challenges, and your fears.

“Lorraine helped bring order to the chaos. I was able to really connect with myself again, to help understand what ‘lights me up’, what I am best at, and very importantly, to guide me to pursue a career congruent with my personal values. I look back at where I was at the start of the program and I really can’t believe how different I think and feel about myself. ”

Fiona Young , HR/OD Consultant